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3/4" Adjustable BioThane® Shoulder Strap

3/4" Adjustable BioThane® Shoulder Strap

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About Adjustable BioThane Shoulder Strap

Our shoulder strap is perfect for duffel bags, purses, and it is a great addition to our JBL BOOMBOX D-ring kit. Our strap is offered in more than 20 colors and adjusts from 2.5 to 5 feet! We offer our strap with multiple hardware options including zinc plated, powder coated, solid brass and stainless steel. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us!

NOTE: This is the shoulder strap only. The D-ring Kit is sold separately.

BioThane® Material

All of our shoulder straps are made with BioThane® Beta. BioThane® Beta is a very flexible soft material that has the look and feel of leather. It is a good alternative to leather because it is waterproof and easy to clean. This prevents it from carrying a stinky odor. In addition to these beneficial properties, it is very strong. It is made with B10 webbing which means that it has a 1,000lb per inch of width break strength so a 3/4" strap has a 750lb break strength.


In order to ensure the strength and longevity of our D-ring adapters we employ solid brass and nickel-plated Steel #104 tubular rivets. These rivets are very reliable and are set using a press rather than by hand. To maintain a stylish fit and finish our rivets are installed with a matching cap which gives them a congruent look on both sides.
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